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The SGI Group: (Shawa Group International)

Based in Europe, SGI is a multinational group of companies operating in several countries around the World in different sectors.

Some of the Group’s member companies have had activities and businesses going back 250 years in the agriculture, food, real estate, and trading fields. Also, through its members, the Group is involved in private, public companies, charities, non-governmental organizations, and others.

The Group has offices, warehouses, showrooms, plants, and other facilities in several countries covering five continents.

SGI’s main activity is to act as a one stop-shopping pointfor the different products and services offered by its members. It also acts as a world wide trading house in goods and services, and a procurement network for clients looking for either to buy different products and services from around the world. Or looking for a first class organization with an international network of offices and facilities to market their products and services.

It also acts as a project developer, bringing together promising products, projects, ideas, and other opportunities, and matching them with a need or a niche for this opportunity in one or more of the markets it operates in around the world. The Group co-invests in such opportunities, and plays an active role in its day-to-day operations and marketing.

SGI has a single web site:, listing its locations around the world, offering its products & services, listing its own needs and that of its clients, and advertising its clients’ products. The web site is connected to several other sites for some of the group’s subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, and clients for more detailed information.

SGI is also an investment group, continuously investing in new opportunities in different sectors and geographical areas. It invests internally with its subsidiaries, it also goes into joint ventures with third parties.

The Group will always look at a new opportunity, whether it’s an investment, joint venture, merger, or acquisition.

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