Developments & Value Added

SGI Developments & Value-Added Operations

This is a medium-to-high-risk/medium-to-high-return strategy. It involves buying a property, existing or greenfield, improving it short to medium holing period through our proven track record of turning around such properties, and selling it at an opportune time for profit. This portfolio is expanded both in existing locations and new locations.

Value-Added and Developments Properties

  • Targeting distressed / underperforming assets below market and replacement costs

  • Driving property value and returns by:

    • Repositioning existing properties

    • Densifying site and rationalizing parking lots

    • Diversifying income source and creating on-site synergy

  • Managing interest risk by keeping LTV below 65% commercial / 75% multi-residential

  • VA&D sustains steady short-term returns and a pool of stabilized assets for long-term hold