SGI Group Canada

SGI Group Mission Statement

Anchored in solid Real Estate Assets – Branched into niche Operating Companies

 Focused Assets & Operations

Sector & Geographical Diversity   

Capital Security – Capital Growth – Capital Liquidity through the Public Markets

Dividends from Stable Assets – Upside from Development & Value-Added Projects


  • Apply a focused approach to real estate investing
  • Invest in areas that offer a demonstrable level of demand as well as compelling demographic fundamentals
  • Focus on the preservation of capital while delivering superior risk-adjusted returns
  • Utilize our network of relationships that offers access to off-market opportunities
  • Treat shareholders, partners, investors and employees with respect, trust and honesty
  • Respond timely and create lasting relationships
  • Operate at all times with complete integrity and transparency
  • Seek capital appreciation and superior risk-adjusted returns
  • Strive to be the best — not the biggest — real estate firm

SGI Group’s Business Strategy
is to capitalize on undervalued or distressed real estate assets and operating companies, while generating high returns on investments.

  • Focus on high-growth-potential operations, while effectively mitigating business risks
  • Focused, yet aggressive approach to real estate investing.
  • Consolidate presence in mid-size real estate.
  • Focus on the preservation of capital, while delivering superior risk-adjusted returns
  • Utilize our network of relationships that offers access to off-market opportunities
  • Expand presence in attractive, emerging markets


The SGI Advantage:

Our Development & Value-Added Policy:

This medium-to-high-risk/medium-to-high-return strategy involves buying a property — existing or greenfield, improving it short to medium holing period, and selling it at an opportune time for profit. This portfolio is expanded in both existing and new locations.

Our Income Policy:

Being investors ourselves, we maximize investor value by creating a wide portfolio of real estate and hospitality assets, generating strong cash flow and dividends, and ultimately, substantial capital gains as trends eventually reverse. This portfolio is expanded in both in existing and new locations.

SGI focuses on “asset selection” by identifying and purchasing assets at a low price, off market deals — from banks, distressed sellers, or other properties at steep discounts, with the potential to increase yield from rent and reduced costs resulting from efficient management methodology.

A wealth of resources and expertise:

SGI creates diversified portfolios that are resilient to changing markets and macroeconomic conditions, and provides long-term returns that outperform the real estate industry. 

SGI is a vertically-integrated real estate and private equity, development, and operating company. SGI was founded as a vehicle to give its owners access to high-return Canadian, U.S., and European and international real estate and private equity, and subsequently attracted other investors and partners through the success of its portfolio.

The company has a diverse portfolio in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, with a wide variety of properties, including residential, office, and commercial buildings.

SGI properties collectively represent a dedication to long-term ownership and opportunistic buying. We have been very successful in identifying hidden value and new markets that have produced above average returns that others have overlooked.

SGI’s goal is to have a stable portfolio with a steady stream of dividends for the long term.


Exit Strategy:

The Group monetizes its investments by one or more of the following means:

  • the individual or portfolio sale of investments;
  • structuring an exchange of investments for securities in a publicly traded company; or
  • a public offering of investment assets in a securitized form.

Although the principals of the Group invest for the long term, most investors would like to have the choice of an exit strategy or to realize some of the gain in value of their investments while maintaining a stake and participating and benefiting from future growth. Therefore, the Group keeps open plans, conditional on the right financial market conditions, to take part or all of the combined operations public in Canada and in other stock markets around the World (London and Dubai, as examples).

We are committed to serving the needs of our shareholders and clients through the highest levels of professionalism, creativity, and service. We execute our transactions through a true team approach.

Transaction Knowledge: Every project is analyzed and reviewed in depth, including all financial, operational, environmental, and capital market factors. Our superior in-house Operations & Asset Management group ensures investments maintain their expected yield and value.