Charity & Community

The Group devotes time, efforts, personnel, volunteers, interns, resources, and funds to various charitable and community projects and initiatives. This division is also active with other charities in Canada and abroad.

The Dubai, UAE based Shawwa Education Fund was established by many members of the extended Shawwa Family out of a genuine sense of responsibility towards those less fortunate in the Family with the potential to create positive long-term advances at an individual level in particular and for the family in general.

Although most of the beneficiaries are in Gaza, Palestine, many are in the diaspora, and since education is at the heart of nearly everything we value as Palestinians, contrasted with the grim reality of inadequate educational opportunities for many of our family’s youth, our Fund aspires to give such valuable opportunity to all we can possibly reach.

The Fund covers all expenses for vocational studies, undergraduate studies, and graduate (Masters and Doctorate) studies in Palestine and the Arab region, while in the western countries the Fund will focus on post-graduate studies.

Our aim as a family is to give all our cousins, male or female, the opportunities they deserve.

The Shawwa Family Foundation

Education is an important and effective tool for the development of nations. With the awareness and recognition of the significance of education, the SEF undertakes to sincerely and diligently contribute in the field of education for the assistance and development of the Shawwa family students in Gaza through the support and contributions of Shawwa family members worldwide on a non-profit basis.

Community Center, Montreal East, Canada

Community & Cultural Center, Montreal, Canada

Rashad Shawa Cultural Center

The Rashad Shawa Cultural Center
is a cultural center that was built in 1985, in Rimal, Gaza, Palestine. The place was named after its creator the late Rashad Al-Shawwa, the ancient city’s Palestinian Mayor who served in office for 11 years. The building was completed 1988 and serves as the main cultural, conference, and events center for the City of Gaza.