SGI Real Estate Canada

SGI Real Estate is an integrated real estate group with properties and operations in Canada the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. The Group owns and manages a well-balanced real estate portfolio. The Group over the years founded and helped found several private and publicly listed real estate companies. .

SGI Real Estate Operations

SGI Real Estate has three main businesses :

  • Development & Value Added: Develop commercial, residential, and hospitality assets.
  • Ownership: Revenue Properties: Own and operate cash-flow producing hospitality and commercial real estate.
  • Property, Hospitality, & Facilities Management: Includes Hospitality Management, Property Management, Facilities Management (FM), Asset Management, and other related professional services. Offered to SGI’s in-house properties as well as to third-party clients.  

Under that model, we focus on the following types of revenue and value generating assets and services:

  • Cash-Flow Assets: Long-term investments in revenue generating properties that will generate steady cash flow.
  • Value-Added Assets: Short- to medium-term investments in value-added situations, properties that require construction, repositioning, redevelopment, and/or additional leasing, and will add a higher return to the portfolio and increase the dividend to the investors.
  • Development: Assets that would add a higher return to the portfolio and increase the dividend to the investors.

SGI Real Estate’s Investment Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

The Group’s current and past portfolio of properties has been acquired gradually over several years. Our properties focus on long-term ownership and opportunistic buying. The Group successfully identifies hidden value and new markets that produce above average returns that others overlook.

Investment returns for each acquisition are analyzed using an immediate, midterm, and residual value approach.

The successful exploitation of these opportunities requires expertise in various real estate and operational businesses sectors and investment strategies; relationships with corporations, financial institutions, property companies, business investors, property investors; and most importantly a top-quality experienced, hands-on Management & Operations team. 

SGI Offers The Best of These Attributes as well as The Following Competitive Advantages

  • Established Network for Sourcing Investment Opportunities. SGI has significant investment experience in select markets in Canada, the United States, and Europe where it has built relationships with major principals, bankers, brokers, leasing agents, and lenders. SGI focuses on acquiring assets in those markets where it has a competitive advantage and where management believes attractive investment opportunities exist. SGI monitors other markets depending on changing market conditions and the availability of attractive investment opportunities outside targeted markets.
  • Focus on Small Cap Opportunities. SGI`s strategy is to be a niche investor focused on less competitive investments, including smaller deals, value-added investments, redevelopment/repositioning opportunities, and/or special situations. By targeting smaller investments, SGI has established a niche for its investments where it avoids competing directly with larger institutional investors and opportunity funds.
  • Flexible Investment Approach. In contrast to many larger corporate-sponsored investment vehicles, SGI has the flexibility to perform its due diligence rapidly and approve investments quickly. This flexibility, coupled with its extensive network of contacts, enables SGI to identify and close transactions before they are marketed broadly to the competition. SGI`s flexible approach allows it to be creative and entrepreneurial as it acquires assets.
  • Business & Property Management. SGI historically has assumed direct management of its investments. And has a strong, demonstrated track record of success in maximizing value through hands-on management. In addition, SGI has strategic relationships with leading regional property managers who provide property management and leasing services, where appropriate. As a result, we enjoy the benefits of both central management and local expertise.

SGI has demonstrated a history of creating significant value for its owners and investors by investing in, developing, or acquiring undervalued assets and operating businesses, and repositioning these assets. SGI was founded as a vehicle to invest its owners’ capital and, through the success of its investments, has subsequently attracted other investors.

SGI has extensive expertise across national sectors and markets and a history of creating significant value for shareholders and investors. As the Group has grown, we have endeavored to combine a flexible, entrepreneurial approach with a swift but rigorous investment process. The Group aims to create diversified portfolios that are resilient to changing markets and macroeconomic conditions, and to provide investors with long-term returns that outperform the real estate industry.

As a vertically-integrated real estate investment, redevelopment, and operating company, the Group was founded as a vehicle to give its owners access to high-return Canadian, U.S., and European real estate investments and subsequently attracted other investors through the success of its portfolio. By continuing to invest a substantial amount of our own capital in our properties, the Group further aligns its interests with those of its investors.

The Group has an outstanding track record, having acquired a diverse portfolio, both in geographical location and in product type, including office buildings, multi-family rental apartments and condominiums, anchored shopping centers, hotels, and securities in private real estate companies.

In our many years of business, the Group has found innovative solutions and success with a dedication to long-term ownership while capitalizing on real estate opportunities. As a company, SGI thrives on the challenges of a continuously fluctuating and sometimes volatile environment. We are proud of our reputation for grace, integrity and excellence under pressure, and we look forward to applying our skills and experience to the many different challenges our own and our clients’ portfolios present to us.

As a full-service real estate investment, operating and joint-venture partner organization, the Group offers its discriminating international clients and investors a comprehensive range of real estate services based on many years of experience and success. Services include specific real estate investment analysis, negotiation, due diligence, purchase and sale, financing and subsequent all-inclusive property management services, including full financial and accounting, legal support, marketing, and leasing.

Our experience and hands-on approach ensure that each property performs to its maximum potential through aggressive leasing strategies while achieving optimum occupancy levels and maximizing the value of our clients’ real estate assets. Investors who entrust valuable assets are kept closely informed of their performance and the status of their real estate investments. We are in constant touch with all of our investors, among them foreign public companies and high-net-worth individuals.